In collaboration with Rapha, our class had to create a garment that follows the need of a certain type of cyclist. My project is based more specifically on the expansion of the e-bike in Switzerland. The jacket is developed to play with the boundaries between technical clothes and casual looks, to allow the person to look confident on the street and well protect on the bike. The whole garment is made of paraglider fabric and the design is directly inspired by this object, the geographic situation of Switzerland and the need of the cyclist. Furthermore, to be able to reach all the needs of the cyclist and be adaptable with the different weathers the jacket is transformable. The hood and collar can be opened to protected the person if it is windy or rainy and in case the weather becomes sunny and warmer you can pack the whole jacket into a bag.



Photograph: Etienne Wildi @wildesign

Model:          Karyl Pais