In between

In order to play with the boundaries between technical sportswear clothes and casual looks, this small range, completely inspired by the military world and made from recycled military clothes and dead stock fabrics, has been made for active women. Divided into two sections, the first layer is more technical than the upper one, which is more an everyday garment. The combination allows the customer to go about their business during the day before going to the gym and without the need to carry a sports bag.


2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_164
2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_161
2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_195
2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_160

Adapted for Crossfit, a new sport created less than twenty years ago and has  now completely exploded onto the sports scene , the garments allow  the free movement of the body  but at  the same time protect it during some exercises. With this in mind , all technical garments are made from  stretch fabric and all the bras and tops include a protection fabric, which will help avoid hurting the chest while using the barbells.

2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_113
2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_066
2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_032
2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_047
2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_037
2019.08.17_Projet militaire_Shooting_078

Photograph: Etienne Wildi @wildesign

Model:          Julie Schär and Aubanne Raccurt